Voyage Tampa Interview with Amanda Atherton

Recently, Amanda had the opportunity to be interviewed by local magazine, Voyage Tampa, on her role as a financial coach. She shares what lead her to pursue financial coaching, the approach she takes to inspire her clients to embrace change, and what sets Mindful Cents apart when working to help educate and engage young professionals in taking action with their finances.

We’ll share a few highlights from the conversation. To read the full article, click here.

Hi Amanda, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today.

My husband, Luke, and I founded Mindful Cents Financial Consulting in 2019 after identifying a severe lack of financial education and more importantly, financial confidence in our generation. Through Luke’s background in accounting as a CPA and my work as a Clinical Pharmacist managing chronic disease states in the Primary Care setting, we connected over seeing time and time again how financial health (or stress) impacts mental health which all weaves into physical health.

I saw the impact of this firsthand in my pharmacist colleagues, who despite having a great income, years of commitment to education, and a passion for learning, felt intimidated and in the dark surrounding their spending habits, approach to investing, and their financial life. So began our path to educate and empower young professionals to take control of their finances, break free of their debt, spend guilt-free on what lights them up, and begin investing confidently and passionately to fund a life they love.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?

Mindful Cents Financial Consulting educates and empowers young professionals to take control of their financial lives through a mindful and intentional approach to money.

We offer money coaching to individuals and couples looking to develop a clear picture of their cash flow and spending triggers. We meet our clients where they are to develop a mindful spending and sustainable plan that allows for guilt-free spending on what brings the most joy to our clients’ lives. We guide our clients through actionable steps to become debt free and invest in their future goals. Our mission is to create a judgment-free space to talk about money and provide education and support as our clients take steps every day to fund a life they love.

A big thing that sets us apart from other financial coaches is our ability to work as a couple to coach other couples.

Luke and I each bring a different perspective and skill set to our sessions and work to facilitate deep conversations between our clients about what sort of life they want their hard-earned dollars to fund. We help our clients shift their mindset from one of deprivation (all the things they have to remove from their life) to one of abundance (all of the things they get to prioritize). We celebrate the wins and work through ways to overcome the barriers.

No matter where our clients are starting from in their financial life, we see them and support them. Whether we are working with a couple or one-on-one, we meet our clients where they are, help them develop a clear picture of their financial life, ask them the hard questions often no one else in their life may ask, help them explore and paint a picture of their most fulfilling life, and guide them every step of the way on their path there. Together, our clients take control of their finances, feel confident in their financial decisions, and fund a life they love.

Interested in reading more? Click here to access the full interview.

Special thanks to Voyage Tampa for highlighting and sharing our story.

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