About Mindful Cents

Helping you find your financial balance while enjoying the ride

We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for personal finance. Our mission is to reduce stress and anxiety surrounding your financial situation and help put you on a path to achieve your financial goals. We strive to help you feel empowered and in control through a mindful and intentional approach to your finances. 

Mindful Cents offers a wide range of services based on your needs and your comfort level with budgeting and spending. All services are personalized towards your unique financial situation. We help you to identify what your current lifestyle costs, evaluate whether your spending and saving aligns with your goals and values, and support you as you build a sustainable and strong plan to take with you for years to come. We provide guidance in areas to optimize and save your hard earned dollars and aid in tax preparation and planning.

Our Story:

When Luke and Amanda first met, Luke was a frugal and number-oriented minimalist. While Amanda loved a good bargain, there was little intention behind many of her financial choices. She was caught in the convenience of Amazon’s “buy now” feature and her bank account showed it.

After an open and heartfelt conversation surrounding why Amanda’s savings account never truly seemed to be going up, despite a great full time job, Luke offered to help.

So began a thorough financial review of all fixed and non-monthly expenses  – the same process by which we now work through with our consulting clients – as well as a clear look at Amanda’s TJ Maxx habit. With this new clarity of WHERE the money was going, a spark was lit.

With this clear picture of what her lifestyle truly cost, personal finances were no longer a source of stress and anxiety or shrouded in uncertainty. Line item after line item, Amanda and Luke evaluated their value and if worthwhile – evaluated ways to optimize or save, and if not – cut from their budgets.

As lifestyle costs continued to decrease, and a passion for personal finance growing, Amanda and Luke put their freed up money to work, paying off college loans and a rental property mortgage in full.

Having worked through this process first hand, Amanda and Luke are driven to improve financial literacy and empower others with tools, education, and support to be more mindful about their dollars and cents.

Meet Amanda

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Amanda graduated from Northeastern University with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2015.

Her background as a driven and empathetic healthcare provider has sparked her passion for the interplay between mental health, physical health, and financial health.

Amanda focuses on sustainable financial behavior change in her coaching practice with a focus on the WHY behind our actions. She works to guide every client to design their most fulfilling life and take action to fund their dreams.

Meet Luke

Co-Founder & Tax Specialist

Luke graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 with a Bachelors in Business Management. Luke went on to pursue Accounting at University of South Florida before obtaining his CPA in 2018.

Luke has a background in tax and public accounting and provides exceptional attention to detail and an individualized approach to each Mindful Cents accounting client.

Luke works with each client to think holistically and provides in-depth financial education to ensure clients fully understand their options and feel empowered to embrace solutions.

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