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Voyage Tampa Interview with Amanda Atherton

Recently, Amanda had the opportunity to be interviewed by local magazine, Voyage Tampa, on her role as a financial coach. She shares what lead her to pursue financial coaching, the approach she takes to inspire her clients to embrace change, and what sets Mindful Cents apart when working to help educate and engage young professionals…

Southwest Companion Pass Breakdown

If you know anything about Mindful Cents, you know that we are huge fans of free travel! In January of 2020 we were lucky enough to earn one of the crown jewels of the domestic travel hacking world – the Southwest Companion Pass. If you aren’t familiar with this fantastic perk, a few things to…

The “How To” of HSAs

A practical approach to reaping the full benefits of a Health Savings Account If you’ve been educating yourself on personal finance, or at least have chatted with us at Mindful Cents, you know that a Health Savings Account, or HSA, is one of the most valuable accounts around. If you and your family have a…

Three Books that Changed my Views on Money

My views on money are constantly evolving, as they have been since I learned about money at a very young age. At various times in my life, my feelings on money have ranged from a tool to get something I wanted or needed, to a shiny object to pursue, to something that made me scared…

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