How I’m Trying to Improve During Quarantine

Back in late August I was no longer employed at a traditional job and was left to my own devices as to my future income and future goals. I already had some goals in mind for my future income (business income, side hustles like Uber and Rover, and a part-time job if necessary), but withContinue reading “How I’m Trying to Improve During Quarantine”

Why Financial Freedom and Minimalism Are Important

I was in a car accident last week, and learned yesterday that my car was totaled. I can still feel a hint of tightness in my wrist as I type this and occasionally pick the scabs on my leg from the scraping of the emergency brake pedal, but on the whole I came out ofContinue reading “Why Financial Freedom and Minimalism Are Important”

Our Story – Luke’s Perspective

Don’t ask someone how much money they make. Don’t talk about money with your family, your friends, your significant other. Don’t talk about money on the first date. Don’t talk about money at cocktail parties.  Money is a taboo subject in day-to-day conversation. We use money as a measure of our own and others’ success,Continue reading “Our Story – Luke’s Perspective”